My goals for this semester were to make something I’m proud of and find more discipline in my schedule and work in general. Due to the still current pandemic everything did turn out to be a bit harder than I would have liked too. Projects like project 1 or creative electronics did suffer from this because the end product was put together by one individual, and I only have seen those end products on camera. So I cannot say that I’m proud of the end product, although I put much effort and time in it. The end product of the course Creative Mechanical Engineering i am very proud of. At this moment in time we need to do a lot of testing still however, at the end we will have a working analogue camera!
I did find some more discipline in my schedule and work through these times. I assigned one place in the house where i could work, and I would only work over there. The couch was more for relaxing and sport was always outside. doing this Strictly and on a regular basis I think helped me really well. I’d like too keep it this way even after the corona measures. I did not write a monthly report on how my progress was going. Which I should’ve done, although I can say the progress went steadily better
Business and entrepreneurship
business and entrepreneurship is one of the expertise ereas i have been working on the least this year. not because i did not want to but it is just how things went with the electives. in the course From idea to design i was able to make choices for the design based on the client need and their business plans. i really liked working for a real life client. 
Another project with B&E influences was the USE basic course about a company. although it was more about the ethics, i did get some insight in how their company worked and how they made decisions. many of those decisions revolved around the technical aspects of their designs, so combining that with business and creativity while also being ethic was very educational.
TEchnology and Realization
this year i have been learning new methods to rapid prototype. in the project 1 course i took the initiative to learn more about lasercutting wood. this helped us to work with strong materials but also had the precision we needed because our iterations became more complicated every time. the end product had also multiple sensors in it to change music parameters in a standardized form after i learned this i choose the course creative Mechanical engineering, which opened up more possibilities to rapid prototype. now i also understand what is the best option for rapid prototyping. i also learned to construct things in 3d software to then 3d print them. 

i also took the course Creative sketching, this is helping me to sketch out problems fast to my teammates to then easily come to a sketch for a prototype. 
user and society
User and society is an expertise area i really like. creating something technological with your ideas and visions in it to then give it to someone to test it out i find really interesting. i try to think as the end user and try to imagine their steps. just like i do when i edit or take a picture i think what the natural way is of looking at it and what direction your eye goes. 
in the course User centered design this was the main goal which i really liked. however in creating the Midi-flow we also had to think about how a user would interpret our design but also how it would feel. thinking about the natural way of using or doing something for the user i find interesting. 

Math Data and Computing
math is one of the harder expertise areas for me however once i really dive deep in it i tend to understand and enjoy it. in the course data analytics we had to analyze a large dataset. the programming we did with python and it was difficult to learn all the new tools. once that was out of the way though creating a hypothesis and figuring out an answer with with data 
I failed calculus because i had other projects that were more important to me at the time (mainly Yellow Light). however if i take on this challenge i can really improve in it for next year. and hopefully use it more in physics and my projects.
Creativity and Aesthetics
being creative and figuring out problems on a creative level is easy for me. i enjoy being creative in almost all the projects i do. while making the midi flow in project one we had to solve problems like how to keep it upright while also have the user experience nice. combining the cover and system to keep it upright was a nice way to fix this problem. the cover for the midi flow was also something we had to think about a lot, because some people found it nice that it had a cover and others liked to see the inside mechanisms. eventually we found a way to facilitate the needs of both these sides and made the cover see through, but also nice to touch.
i did progress in creativity and aesthetics, i learned new skills in sketching but also in using adobe indesign because i designed a couple of reports.