Learning is what drives me on an everyday basis. not only the curious side of me that wants to learn new skills, but also helping others to learn. in projects i do i want to show people what is possible, like in my Yellow Light Project. motivating others is a big part of what i get satisfaction out of. in project 1 we made the "midi flow". this is a device that enables a new way of creating music through a controller. i hope with something like this that when someone uses it they also get motivated to make more music or explore new music possibilities.

I like to convey a story with my projects. Photography is one way to tell these stories to people or express a feeling. photography is mostly driven by stories in frames but I've also been telling stories by making short movies. In making those I figured how important it is to work with a team in which everyone has their own skills and can argue about decisions on a professional level.
right now i have some experience in photography, maybe enough to call myself a photographer. however i don't want to become a "photographer". i will always be creative and photography is one easy way to be it. however in the future i will also be creative in designing tools for other to be creative.