I think the future designer is an educator. He helps people to learn anything, this can be in primary school but also on a professional level. Because our society is developing quickly and because of “life learn long learning” their role needs to be someone who facilitates the learning in a better way each and every time. There are going to be new things that need to be learned and those educations need to be designed. Right now education is sometimes lacking because technologies have developed faster than the education itself. or the education is not sufficient because they are teaching for the general needs of a group. sometimes specific education for smaller groups is also needed, like in a project i did called Yellow Light. in which i helped 10 young creative artist to make art for a business in the city center of Haarlem, which resulted in a art route through the city.
I also think that the future designer is a storyteller.
I think it’s important that stories are well designed to be understand in any application such as design itself or art. The observer needs to understand your story well. right now i'm trying to do this in my photography job. telling a story in one or multiple pictures is difficult but can convey a lot if done properly. in design there are many more ways in which stories can be told, and i am interested to explore them.